You know what. NEVER judge a book by it’s cover. I know it’s old and cliché but it’s so true. How can you know if someone’s a complete sweetheart or a total arsehole by just looking at them or hearing someone else’s stories about them?!
I’ve stopped judging until I meet people because I think it’s just damn rude. You don’t know what a person could be going through, where that person’s been, what they like or what they are like as a person. Just because you read someone’s tumblr doesn’t mean you actually know them. 
Saying someone seems like something is so wishy washy and crap unless you have full on proof or have experienced said person in the actual flesh. 

I mean you might see a sweet little old lady walk past you and smile at her but she could secretly be on her way home to dissect another man and visa versa…………..